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How to Plan for Your New Years Real Estate Resolution in Charleston

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to do some soul searching. It’s also time to set your official 2019 New Years Resolution!

What are you hoping to accomplish in the new year? Are there any personal goals you’ve put on hold for work, school, or a similar commitment? Perhaps you’re finally ready to take the plunge, and make your mark on the Charleston real estate market.

Perhaps you’re ready to buy a home in Charleston, or sell your current home. Here’s how we can help.

You Know It’s Time to Sell (And Buy!) If…

Kitchen with hanging light fixtures and granite countertops, cherry wood cabinets.Do you spend your lunch break browsing beautiful beach homes for sale? Are you sick and tired of the too-small closet, or the long commute to work?

If you find yourself getting tired with the innate details of your home, and know that renovation is off the table, it might be time to think about moving. There are a million and one reasons to decide it’s time to sell, but here are some big ones:

  • There’s not enough space
  • You’re paying for more space than you’ll ever be able to use
  • The neighborhood no longer works for you
  • Paying expensive HOA fees is getting old
  • You’re getting older, and it’s time to downsize

What’s the solution here? Well, why not schedule a meeting or phone call with our team to discuss your options? We would love to review the current Charleston real estate market, your upcoming plans, and any other details relating to your real estate wellbeing.

Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sale

White living room interior with bright furniture and huge windows.Once the madness of the busy holiday season settles down, it’s time to make a plan. First, come up with a timeline.

In the best case scenario, when would you like to be finished with selling your home, and in the process of moving into your new one?

Once you narrow that down, here are the first five steps to take.

See How the Market is Doing

Start by requesting one of our neighborhood sold reports. We’ll compile a list of what homes in your neighborhood are selling for. You can also see what homes are selling for in neighborhoods of interest, and other places you’d like to move.

Get a Price Evaluation for Your Home

We offer a complimentary home evaluation that includes the most competitive current listing price for your home in today’s market. This is the best place to start when it comes to selling your home.

Work on De-Cluttering and Staging Your Home

Before you stage, you have to de-clutter. Go through every room in your current home and try to eliminate its contents by half. Host a garage sale once the weather warms up, create an eBay account, or simply make a bulk donation to a local charity thrift store.

Trust us, it’s 100 times easier to stage your home if you’ve thoroughly de-cluttered it first.

Use Your Downtime to Start Searching

It’s never too early to become better acquainted with the Charleston real estate market! Use our free home-search tool to get an idea for what kind of homes are for sale here.

Our Biggest Tip? Call Up Your Friends

Whatever your plans are, whatever time of year, we at the Good Friends Team are here to help make your real estate resolution a success! Give us a call soon to start the new year off right.

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